Week 10: Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing Conference #FDM 2015

A full-day conference has been done in 4th September 2015. It was successful to invite those who are involved and wanting to find out more about fashion digital marketing to joined our event. The conference related to fashion digital marketing, digital anthropology, the mediatization of fashion, the use of social media to help and promote SME fashion business, the use of social media platforms such as blogging and vlogging, and the use of Wechat to promote fashion business in Asia- Pacific and Europe. We had invited professional speakers for the conference, they are:

  • Dr. Agnès Rocamora (UK), Reader in social studies (London College of Fashion, UAL)
  • Lynne Murray (UK), Director of Digital Anthropology Lab (London College of Fashion, UAL), non-executive director (Holition Augmented Retail).
  • Mariko Kuo (JP, UK), Digital influencer, blogger, editor (Silk and Suits) and lawyer.
  • Monique Lee Hylands-White (UK, TW), Digital fashion platform founder (X Terrace), PhD researcher (BCU), designer (Monique Lee Millinery), MBA International Fashion Management programme leader (Coventry University London Campus).
  • Isabella Hemmersbach (DK), PR and marketing director (MUUSE Projects), fashion illustrator.
  • Professor Zhaochen Ding (CN), WeChat researcher, interactive media expert (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology).

Very thanks for the event organizer such as Coventry University London Campus Fashion Department, X Terrace Fashion Platform and Fashion Research Network and sponsors GH City Print and LuLu Trip. They support the event and make it looks like professional. All speakers were well prepared to share their experiences and ideas for the audiences. The audiences are active to ask the questions and discuss with the speakers.


During the last 9 weeks, London Fashion Live Project team did a good job of everything for the event. Everyone have our own responsibilities to be a member of the team. All the things we need in the event day are prepared one day before the conference. All the booklets, posters, camera and their charges are ready in the university. And the food & drinks are booked and arrived in the morning of the conference day. In order to decorate the fashion studio and G.09 in Coventry University London Campus, those who attended to the decorating team advance arrived to the university and moved the tables and chairs, arranged fashion studio and became a lunch hall.


As a PR team member, Bonnie and me have responsibility on organizing food and drinks for the guests in the conference day. In the morning, we prepared coffee and teas outside the G.09. Campus staffs provide us university antependium to make drinks and cookies table look nice and professional. Lunch was been well prepared at fashion studio in the noon of the event day. All needed items such as glasses, forks and knifes had been carry from the kitchen to fashion studio through dining car. The food and drinks were nice. The guests ate happy and the lunch provides a social opportunity for the speakers and audiences to know each other and talk with others. It is not easy to look after the food and drinks all day. Because we were not only have to make sure the food and drinks table look nice but also need to clean the dirty glasses if needed.


Week 8: Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing Conference #FDM2015


The event will hold on 4th September 2015 at Coventry University London Campus. The address is: 109-117 Middlesex Street, E1 7JF London, United Kingdom.

It is organized by:

Coventry University London Campus

X Terrace Fashion Platform

Fashion Research Network

The main themes of the conference as following:

  1. Exploring emerging technologies from retail to research
  2. Perspectives on Fashion Blogging and Fashion Film
  3. Early career researchers on Digital Fashion and Marketing
  4. Mediatisation and Digitisation in the field of fashion
  5. Future Challenges and Opportunities for fashion and digital marketing
  6. From now to next: future perspectives on fashion digital marketing

The tickets are available at: v.ht/PrHD. For more information please visit: http://www.xterrace.com/fdm15/


PR Team Duties:

During last two weeks, PR team has been continuing look for the sponsors and guests for the event. We have collected 600 contacts to the Mailchimp. The good news was two of the guests are from the contact list of Fashion Opinion Leaders. For the sponsorship, we got support from a Chinese newspaper. The press company would be able to promote fashion digital marketing conference in the news page. At the same time, PR team provides an opportunity to the press company to promote itself to our guests and speakers.

We tried to contact Food & Drinks companies and florish companies. One of the florish store responded that they might be able to provide a 10% off for the flowers, but they can not as our sponsor. A new food company was interested in becoming one of the sponsors for the event. They would like to provide us frozen cheese yoghourt. But, we are still communicating.

The other good news is PR team sold 8 tickets during last two weeks. We tried very hard to invite the friends who might be interested in the fashion digital marketing. The team leader separates the tasks to us to sell 2 tickets each person. Luckily, we did very well in this task. Leadership and cooperation in the project are quite important to complete the tasks within the group.

Due to the limited budget for the event, fashion live project team has to send the leaflets by us. Last Friday, PR team hung out to pass out the leaflets in the street. We found it is not easy to attract others attention on the leaflets. It was awkward that people in the street are always pass me away and they are ignored the information within the leaflets. In order to attract more Chinese students, we wrote WeChat ID in the leaflets to make sure they could contact us in a convenient way.

All the things will be settled down one day before the conference. Hoping the conference would be complete successfully.


X Terrace. (2015). Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing Conference. Available:http://www.xterrace.com/fdm15/. Accessed 01th Sep 2015.

Week 6: Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing Conference #FDM 2015


Global Dialogue: Fashion Digital Marketing Conference #FDM 2015

The event will hold on 4th September 2015 at Coventry University London Campus. The address is: 109-117 Middlesex Street, E1 7JF London, United Kingdom. It is organized by:

Coventry University London Campus

X Terrace Fashion Platform

Fashion Research Network

We are start selling the tickets and promoting the conference. The tickets now are available at: v.ht/PrHD. For more information please visit: http://www.xterrace.com/fdm15/

The online and offline marketing team posted the interesting interview videos in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Everyone within the project is trying our best to sell more tickets by promotion the event in different ways and networks.

It was busy weeks during the last two weeks. PR team was preparing find the sponsors from different fields, such as food and drinks, hotel, and printing. The good news was we gained a support from a travel agency. LULU Trip will provide accommodations support for our speakers. And we successfully communicated with a printing company, which named City Print and the company was kind to become one of our sponsors and decided to support all the printing works in the event.

However, in this case, the printing company found a big mistake in the leaflets, which we send to print. The mistake was we set a wrong Logo of City Print within the leaflets that will be used to promote our event. The mistake makes the printing company angry. That is the first time we met a crisis in this event, which means we may lose this sponsorship. We felt very sorry for this careless mistake.

As a PR team, we had to handle the crisis. We rapidly send the apologies Email to City Print and apologies for our mistake again and again. And we make an appointment to meet the manager Tony of the printing company to apologies for our mistake. Luckily, the manager forgives us and gave us an opportunity to continue support our event. This experience taught me ‘pure-heartedness is important to apologies’. The communication skill is essential as a PR when the crisis happen.

During the last two weeks, PR team searched the food and drinks company which is around the Coventry University London Campus. We have been to the restaurants and stores where might be the potential sponsors. We printed the sponsorship requirement letters and knock the door in Shoreditch, Brick Lane, and Old Spirtalfields Market where exist the potential food and drinks sponsors. We send the Emails to all potential sponsors that we searched online. Unfortunately, we had been rejected all the time. That could not hurt the confidence and energy to continue finds the sponsors for the event. And then, we analysed the reasons for why we have been rejected might due to the amount of our requirements. We have to keep going to communicate with the food and drinks companies to find the sponsors for our conference.


X Terrace. (2015). Global Dialogues: Fashion Digital Marketing Conference. Available:http://www.xterrace.com/fdm15/. Accessed 18th Aug 2015.

Week 4: Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing Conference

During the preparing period, fashion students who are in this project taking their responsibilities for holding Digital Fashion Marketing Conference. The event will take place after one month at 4th September that means we have limited time to prepare this event. Fortunately, all teams within this project are successfully working together for the related details in the first three weeks. Project management team design and arrange the steps for every week. And the other teams are guiding by the project management team and cooperating with each team.

During these three weeks, off-line marketing team made a marketing plan for the event. The ticket price and ticket are been post on ‘Eventbrite’ online link. They provide a lot of good ideas for promoting the conference. They plan giving out 3000 leaflets in different places where existing our potential audiences. For example, university, student accommodation, and museum. The ticket will be discounted by buy 5 get 15% off. We all hoping the promotion approaches would help us attract more audience to sell more tickets.

In order to make the event more attractive and influencing more audience, online marketing team was contributing their skills to this event. They made videos and posted them via different social media to promote the event. They interviewed fashion designers to know the ‘opinions about digital fashion marketing’ and ‘how they use social media to promote their brand’. Everyone within the project will likes and hashtag the information what we post in the social media to promote the event.

In order to successfully holding the event, PR team found the contact information of 100 potential sponsors and 100 fashion opinion leaders who based in London. As a team member of PR team, we found sponsors’ and fashion opinion leaders’ contact information through our network and different social media. My responsibility in this task is finding fashion opinion leaders who are fashion magazine editors and fashion students. The fashion magazine editors are work for i-D Magazine, ES Magazine, Tank Magazine and so on. The fashion students are studying in fashion colleges in London, such as Central Saint Martins, Ual, Westminster and Kingston.

We are looking for graphic design company would design the posters or leaflets and printing for us. The travel company and hotel sponsors will provide transportation fees and accommodation for the speakers. We will ask food and drinks from Food & Drinks Company. We will ask the fashion-marketing consultants or PR companies to provide support this event. According to the sponsor package level, those sponsors will be promoted in our event through different ways. The social media, video, leaflet, sponsor board could promote our sponsors to the audiences.

PR team has responsibility to edit the invitation letters to sponsors and opinion leaders to support and promote the event. As a PR team, we have to build and manage the relationship with those sponsors and opinions. The invitation letters will be sent as a list through Mail Chimp to make more attention and attract more audiences. Very luckily, we are successfully communicated with a travel company. This generous travel agency becomes our first sponsor.

The duties of PR team for Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing Conference

Digital Fashion Marketing Conference (Friday 4th September 9am – 8pm) which is holding by Coventry University London Campus(Fashion research network.co.uk, 2015). The dialogues will discuss and debate the current issues about global digital marketing in fashion industry. It will provide a great leaning opportunity and networking to fashion digital marketing professionals and students. CULC fashion programme’s students will plan and prepare the event as four teams, Offline Marketing Team, Online Marketing Team, Public Relations (PR) Team, and Project Management Team. The key themes of this conference are as following:

1. Role and relationship of Digital Fashion Marketing and Film-making

2. The trend and development of digital fashion marketing

3. New development and innovations in fashion industry-specific social media platforms

4.Giving ideas to Small Medium fashion brands to create digital fashion marketing(Fashion research network.co.uk, 2015)

PR team plays a role in planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and understand between Digital Fashion Marketing Conference and its publics. In is event, PR team has several duties to assist the conference could be holding as perfect as possible. PR team needs to research about the potential sponsors and press for Digital Fashion Marketing Conference. Engaging and managing the sponsorship is one of the main duties of PR team. During the preparation period, PR team need to communicate with different publics such as media, sponsors, fashion bloggers/vloggers, and audiences. In order to communicate with publics, PR team has to write the press release and delivering to the publics. At the same time, PR team has duties to keep contract with speakers and guests to build the relationships with them (coventry, 2015).

As the PR team in this event, we need to research the potential sponsors to provide food, drinks, snacks, printing, graphic design and etc. to support the event could be holding. It requires PR team must follow the critical path of the event that planned by Project Management team. PR team also needs to assist the online and offline marketing team to sale the tickets to contribute to covering the cost of speakers fees, facilities, promotion posters and leaflets, and so on. This duty requires the members of PR team have potential skills to achieve the objectives, such as professional writing skill, negotiation skill and communication skill.

The guests and customers are very important to make this event success. According to the research, there are some types of people will be the target customers who will purchase the tickets of digital fashion marketing conference. such as, fashion bloggers/vloggers, fashion stylists, fashion designers, online fashion store owners, and media people. In order to make sure the tickets could be selling more, PR team has to establish and maintain the goodwill of the event. It should carefully pay attentions on press release writing to build the awareness of the event.

As one of the member of PR team, the communication skills and writing skills have to be improved to contribute to PR team. And the development of teamwork skills is essential to work in a team to get a better result in this event.


Coventry.ac.uk, (2015). CULC London Fashion Live 2015. [online] Available at: https://culcmoodle.coventry.ac.uk/pluginfile.php/215183/mod_resource/content/1/Introduction%20to%20London%20Fashion%20Live%20Project%20-%20Group%20A%20%28Monique%29.pdf [Accessed 21 Jul. 2015].

Fashionresearchnetwork.co.uk, (2015). CFP – Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing, London, 2015 « FASHION RESEARCH NETWORK. [online] Available at: http://fashionresearchnetwork.co.uk/portfolio/cfp-global-dialogues-digital-fashion-marketing-london-2015/ [Accessed 21 Jul. 2015].

Blog 5: Why should anyone be lead by me!

The module of Leading in a Changing World develop my vision of leadership and management. There are many theories helped me better understand how to leading different people in a changing world.

Hofstede’s cultural dimensions make me know how to understand they way that people behaviour in diverse team, such as Power Distance, Individualism vs. Collectivism, Masculinity vs. Femininity, Uncertainty avoidance, Long-term vs. Short-term orientation, and Indulgence vs. Restraint.

屏幕快照 2015-04-04 下午8.18.56

Handy describes main 4 types of organisational culture model make me clear that every organisation have their own unique culture or mix of different types of organisational culture, such as Power Culture, Role Culture, Task Culture and Person Culture.

屏幕快照 2015-04-04 下午8.17.06

Different people like to working in different types of organisational culture. If they work for the organisation with the culture that their personality consistent they will be happy and satisfied in workplace.

French & Raven’s organisational power suggest manager can use different organisational power to encourage or punish subordinates to manage and control  their employees. Those organisational power are reward power, coercive power and legitimate power.

屏幕快照 2015-04-04 下午8.53.56

However, as a leader also need to know what their subordinates look for from their work and how to motivate them. It could be meaningful work, collaboration, autonomy, recognition, growth or money.

Yukl presented that ‘Leadership is the process of influencing others to understand and agree about what need to be done and how to do it. And it is the process of facilitating individual and collective effects to accomplish shared objective. In my point of view, communication skill in this process play an important role to influence people to accept the arrangement of work.

As a leader not only authority but also need to influence and guide to get a better results from work. How to carry on a effective leadership into your organisation is important to successfully manage your people. Based on the study of leadership style I understood that there is no best leadership style. The most effective leadership style must depend on the exact situation in the organisation, suitability quite important for choose a effective leadership style.

My father inspired me to become a democratic leader. As a leader, he was faced with a difficult time when the company set up. He labored hard to make sure everyone worked together to come to a common understanding of strategy. It was the democratic leadership style and collaborative effects. His management experience inspired me how importance of listening others opinions and work with employees.

I had learned about the different types of leadership style in this module. They are Authoritarian style, Democratic style, and Laissez-faire style. Comparing with Authoritarian and Laissez-faire style, Democratic style allows more participation in the decision making process. I choose democratic leadership style is because that Authoritarian style and Laissez-faire is too extreme. Authoritarian style which is leader makes decision by themselves without any discussion with subordinates. And the other extreme one is Laissez-faire style which is allow subordinates to make all decisions. The reason why I choose this leadership style is due to my personality. I want everyone within the organisation or team could contribute their ideas and share their feeling in decision making process.

The teamwork experiences told me that Democratic leadership style will be good for manage and influence team members’s emotion in workplace. I work with a team in Fashion Design and Product Development to create a range book for the end of module assignment. At the beginning some of the group member happy with the fashion trend about animal, some of  us are unhappy with that. Disagreement makes our work delay. In order to make sure everyone happy with the decision, we re-making a decision for the trend of Monochrome Magic and everyone agree with that. it makes the following tasks more smooth and at the end we got a good feedback from tutor. This experience make me believe that every opinions within the organisation been respected in the same way to make the tasks go on wheels.

Based on week 2 group activities (Lego Towers, Quick Draw and Can you tie a tie?) I received feedbacks form my colleagues. The following image is one of the feedback from my colleagues.

屏幕快照 2015-04-04 下午9.33.28

I am preparing and exciting to become a democratic leader who can really influencing people in my future workplace. In order to become a good leader, I need to improve many skill to make sure my leading dream come true. The communication skill again still need to improve to communicate subordinates. It could be developed by practice in teamwork combined with theories. I will learn more about leadership and use those theories and frameworks into real life.

Blog 4: Leadership & Change

Change is nothing new and a simple fact of life. Mullins mentioned that there is little management can do about resistance to change. In my point of view it is not right. New ideas and new technologies change our daily life  and working situation all the time. It is a pervasive influence and an inescapable part of organisation and management still can do many things to overcome resistance to change.

Change always be seen as a problem. The first thing that manager need to know for overcome resistance of change is finger out why individual and organisation resist change. As a human being, people don’t like change. Despite the new opportunities and positive results may come from change some individuals and organisations still prefer staying in their comfort zone and resistance to change. It is a normal phenomenon. Resistance show up because change do not enough accept or experience the necessity.

The reason why both individuals and organisations resistance of change is hard to be identified. Mullin (2013:717-7) presented some common reasons that individuals resistance to change within organisations are from selective perception, habit, inconvenience or loss of freedom, economic implications, security in the past, and fear of the unknown. For example, in my personal experience, studying abroad is a change for me and I was resist in this change because the fear of the unknown.  And organisational resistance of change arise from organisational culture, investment in resources, maintaining stability, threats to power of influence and past contracts or agreements.

Resistance of change can lead to a lack of support of people within organisation. Change can affects the all operational aspects of the organisation. In order to survive and success, organisation have to positively adapt and response to change.Leader within organisation is able to implement change. Manager within organisation have to guide those people who resistance of change to develop their organisation. Manager must be clear understand the role of culture, the drives and types of change, the sequential phase of change and how to diagnose and approach organisational problems.

Change is driven by many forces. Manager need to understand forces that drive change. Globalisation makes changes faster than ever before. There are many drivers of change such as:

1. Uncertain economic conditions

2. Government intervention and political interests

3. Outsourcing and the redefinition of core business

4. Increased demand for high quality goods, services and customer satisfaction

5. Fragmentation and distribution of work across people, organisations and locations

6. Changing demographics and expectations of workforce

7. Advances in technology

8. Increasing pace, scale and complexity of organisational change

According to those above forces, manager can lead their people to diagnose the impact of change. Based on those change drivers manager can implement four types of organisational change to response the external and internal changes, such as structure, people, technology and organisational development (OD).  The organisational development refers to techniques or programs to change people and the nature and quality of interpersonal work relationships. It is also about planned change, that is getting individuals, teams and organisations to function better (French & Bell, 1995).

Lockhead maintains that the most successful organisations develop a culture that welcome change and bring new opportunities for itself. Manager can encourage people have positive attitude to the new challenges and constant change. Organisation can create a planned change for their organisation development to overcome resistance of change. Planned change can be divided into three process, such as unfreezing, movement and refreezing.

屏幕快照 2015-04-04 上午12.20.45

Those processes guide managers how to action on change. Unfreezing is the first process to implement change. It refers to reduce the forces of change which present form of behaviour, recognition of the needs for change and improvement to occur for response to those change drivers. The second process is movement. In this process, new KSA (Knowledge, Skill and Attitude) be developed to implement change. The third process is refreezing. It stabilising, reinforcing knowledges, skills and attitudes through supporting mechanisms, for example structure, policy and norm.

The author strongly recommend managers use The McKinsey 7S Model and through change the elements within this model to reduce resistance of change. Those 7S elements are Shared Values, Systems, Strategy, Structure, Style, Staff and Skills.


One of those elements change could affects all the others. For example, if an organisation wants to change Strategy for managing culture change, they can create new stories, symbols and rituals to replace the current one.

In conclusion, no matter how this world change, there are still could use different approaches to across to the change. The most important is control the resistance emotion of change to maintain or development organisational position in the market.