The duties of PR team for Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing Conference

Digital Fashion Marketing Conference (Friday 4th September 9am – 8pm) which is holding by Coventry University London Campus(Fashion research, 2015). The dialogues will discuss and debate the current issues about global digital marketing in fashion industry. It will provide a great leaning opportunity and networking to fashion digital marketing professionals and students. CULC fashion programme’s students will plan and prepare the event as four teams, Offline Marketing Team, Online Marketing Team, Public Relations (PR) Team, and Project Management Team. The key themes of this conference are as following:

1. Role and relationship of Digital Fashion Marketing and Film-making

2. The trend and development of digital fashion marketing

3. New development and innovations in fashion industry-specific social media platforms

4.Giving ideas to Small Medium fashion brands to create digital fashion marketing(Fashion research, 2015)

PR team plays a role in planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and understand between Digital Fashion Marketing Conference and its publics. In is event, PR team has several duties to assist the conference could be holding as perfect as possible. PR team needs to research about the potential sponsors and press for Digital Fashion Marketing Conference. Engaging and managing the sponsorship is one of the main duties of PR team. During the preparation period, PR team need to communicate with different publics such as media, sponsors, fashion bloggers/vloggers, and audiences. In order to communicate with publics, PR team has to write the press release and delivering to the publics. At the same time, PR team has duties to keep contract with speakers and guests to build the relationships with them (coventry, 2015).

As the PR team in this event, we need to research the potential sponsors to provide food, drinks, snacks, printing, graphic design and etc. to support the event could be holding. It requires PR team must follow the critical path of the event that planned by Project Management team. PR team also needs to assist the online and offline marketing team to sale the tickets to contribute to covering the cost of speakers fees, facilities, promotion posters and leaflets, and so on. This duty requires the members of PR team have potential skills to achieve the objectives, such as professional writing skill, negotiation skill and communication skill.

The guests and customers are very important to make this event success. According to the research, there are some types of people will be the target customers who will purchase the tickets of digital fashion marketing conference. such as, fashion bloggers/vloggers, fashion stylists, fashion designers, online fashion store owners, and media people. In order to make sure the tickets could be selling more, PR team has to establish and maintain the goodwill of the event. It should carefully pay attentions on press release writing to build the awareness of the event.

As one of the member of PR team, the communication skills and writing skills have to be improved to contribute to PR team. And the development of teamwork skills is essential to work in a team to get a better result in this event.

References, (2015). CULC London Fashion Live 2015. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Jul. 2015]., (2015). CFP – Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing, London, 2015 « FASHION RESEARCH NETWORK. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Jul. 2015].


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