Week 4: Global Dialogues: Digital Fashion Marketing Conference

During the preparing period, fashion students who are in this project taking their responsibilities for holding Digital Fashion Marketing Conference. The event will take place after one month at 4th September that means we have limited time to prepare this event. Fortunately, all teams within this project are successfully working together for the related details in the first three weeks. Project management team design and arrange the steps for every week. And the other teams are guiding by the project management team and cooperating with each team.

During these three weeks, off-line marketing team made a marketing plan for the event. The ticket price and ticket are been post on ‘Eventbrite’ online link. They provide a lot of good ideas for promoting the conference. They plan giving out 3000 leaflets in different places where existing our potential audiences. For example, university, student accommodation, and museum. The ticket will be discounted by buy 5 get 15% off. We all hoping the promotion approaches would help us attract more audience to sell more tickets.

In order to make the event more attractive and influencing more audience, online marketing team was contributing their skills to this event. They made videos and posted them via different social media to promote the event. They interviewed fashion designers to know the ‘opinions about digital fashion marketing’ and ‘how they use social media to promote their brand’. Everyone within the project will likes and hashtag the information what we post in the social media to promote the event.

In order to successfully holding the event, PR team found the contact information of 100 potential sponsors and 100 fashion opinion leaders who based in London. As a team member of PR team, we found sponsors’ and fashion opinion leaders’ contact information through our network and different social media. My responsibility in this task is finding fashion opinion leaders who are fashion magazine editors and fashion students. The fashion magazine editors are work for i-D Magazine, ES Magazine, Tank Magazine and so on. The fashion students are studying in fashion colleges in London, such as Central Saint Martins, Ual, Westminster and Kingston.

We are looking for graphic design company would design the posters or leaflets and printing for us. The travel company and hotel sponsors will provide transportation fees and accommodation for the speakers. We will ask food and drinks from Food & Drinks Company. We will ask the fashion-marketing consultants or PR companies to provide support this event. According to the sponsor package level, those sponsors will be promoted in our event through different ways. The social media, video, leaflet, sponsor board could promote our sponsors to the audiences.

PR team has responsibility to edit the invitation letters to sponsors and opinion leaders to support and promote the event. As a PR team, we have to build and manage the relationship with those sponsors and opinions. The invitation letters will be sent as a list through Mail Chimp to make more attention and attract more audiences. Very luckily, we are successfully communicated with a travel company. This generous travel agency becomes our first sponsor.


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