Research Project – Queationnaire

As a group, we need to collect the information about androgyny before presentation. We decided to design a questionnaire to know the trend of androgyny style.

In order to collect the information from questionnaires, there are some basic contents need to be considered in questionnaire design. The layout of questionnaire will give a direct feeling to the interviewee. We need to design of the questions in line with research question and objectives that understand the trend of androgyny.

As mentioned as the lesson slides, we know that questions divided into closed (pre-coded) questions and open-ended questions. There are many types of questions in a questionnaire. They are open, list, category, rating, quantity, matrix questions. Four level of variable measurement in a questionnaire which is nominal, ordinal, internal, and ratio. We have to organize the questionnaire to make it better to analyzing the data. It should order the questions and tell the people what this questionnaire using for achieve which specific goal. That will be persuade people who help finish this questionnaire know is important for us.

A simple questionnaire which we design to collect information and analysis the trend of androgyny. We set up 5 specific question to find out androgyny whether a trend in next season. And what extend people like this trend. It is to finally decide to whether to invest in the trend. The questionnaire be designed as showing follow layout.

屏幕快照 2014-12-10 下午11.35.09

屏幕快照 2014-12-10 下午11.35.24

We choose a brand, which called & Other Stories as the high street company we will analyse. This questionnaire is looking for the trend of androgyny whether value to invest for the future to this company. The first question shows the images to interviewer to know whether they tend to purchase androgyny style clothes. Because they may never heard the concept about androgyny so we sue images to show them what is androgyny style. The second question, we design to know the kind of the brands they like, high street or luxury? The third question is to know the attitude or lifestyle of the interviewers to know what extent they like androgyny style and know the celebrities who dress androgyny are popular or not. The fourth question is to know the ways that they use to follow celebrities. And the last question is to know which social media that androgyny trend customer would like to use.

We will collect the information and find out is it the trend of androgyny from this questionnaire. And make an androgyny trend customer board.


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