Analyse Skill Audit and PDP

Skills Audit (1)

As showing in the table of Academic and Professional Skills – Skill Audit there are many strengths, weaknesses and areas for development.

After completed this skill audit, I know that both of my speaking and writing skills of communication should be improved through presentation, speaking, and writing practices. I I should be confidence when I do the presentation. The commercial awareness, customer focus, enterprising,  and leadership/management of others are not yet be demonstrated.

However, there are still some strengths I have, such as Culture Sensitivity, Data Handling, Decision making, Flexibility, Initiative, Interpersonal Skills, Networking, Organizational Adaptability, Project management, Problem Solving and Analytical Skills, Responsibility, Teamworking, and Time Management.

PDP (2)

After completed the skill audit, I found that English speaking and writing are my academic weaknesses. I should improve those two skills in this year, so one of my objectives of PDP (Personal Development Plan) are improve my communication skill of speaking. I think this skill is important for me to be confident in the UK.  And the other academic skill I want to improve is the research skill. it will be improved by collect information from both primary and secondary from different reliable resources and then analyse them.

Because the lack of knowledge about fashion and androgyny. I want to understand fashion and enable me describe what is fashion to others. and I also want to understand the trend of androgyny. Those of objectives will be improved by read fashion magazine, search WGSN and Passport and any other websites to collect the evidences of both fashion and androgyny, follow celebrities and designers who are fashionable.


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