Analyse experience of writing a Literature Review

Literature review is to show your reader that you have to read and have a good grasp of a particular topic or question in a specific field. I was write a literature review assignment for marketing communication and one introduction of a report.

However, a literature review is not only simply describe the topic what have published in the form, but also should take the critical discussion,and show the insight awareness of the arguments, approaches or theories. It should synthesis and analysis of the related information. The most important thing for a literature review is research. There are mass sources available for the research. The primary sources can be get from the reports, theses, emails, conference proceedings, company reports, unpublished manuscript sources, and some government publications. The secondary sources could be obtained from journal articles, books, newspapers, and some government publications. And the tertiary sources can be obtained from indexes, abstracts, catalogues, encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, and citation indexes.

When I study about androgyny or prepare writing a literature review about it. I was search the related information through Locate. Before research, I need to identify the limits of the search. The key words should be identify and search terms to be used in my search. the key authorities in the field need to be identify. And the criteria for the selection of relevant and useful studies need to be identify. The research should be started when I clear those elements.



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