Week 8 Trend Boutiques Conference

You have to be yourself and shine. — By Barjis Chohan, designer. (This is my favorite sentence in this conference.) Before the trend boutiques conference I never heard about this brand and this businesswoman. The presentation inspire me no matter what region you believe you should be yourself.

Barjis is an intelligent luxury fashion brand.  In it’s short life it has captured an International audience for it’s refreshing take on luxury high fashion.  The fusion of Eastern cultural values with the Western cut and prints have made this brand stand out from the crowd. The label is well known for their signature vibrant prints on their scarves and clothing.

The luxury label has created a niche of it’s own with a huge fan following from around the world.  Her customer is from every background and culture but what unites them is the desire to look  modestly stylish and chic.  The International brand is an epitome of youthful elegance with a modern quirky twist.  The attention is paid to quality and prints with the use of innovative quirky surface design to create beautiful ready to wear pieces for the modern well travelled  fun loving woman.

Barjis Chohan – the founder is an award winning celebrated Fashion designer.  She is a graduate from London College of Fashion and Central  St. Martins College in London.  Barjis worked for Vivienne Westwood and for a french fashion house before launching her label. She has been featured in several documentaries which includes, BBC,  Belgian TV,  Malaysian TV and the recently BBC World documentary.  Her confidence, articulate and eloquent manner has made her a popular figure in public speaking and in the world of business and fashion.  She has won Business woman of the year in London and Designer in International trade awarded by Financial Mail on Sunday.

Barjis has showcased at London Fashion Week and recently Paris Fashion Week. The label is ‘ones to watch’. She is a proud supporter of “Made in Britain” products.  All the work is produced in the UK.


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