Studio Practice at Week 9

Week 9 !!! It is very near the end of this term!!!

What we do in this week is studio practice. My classmate Yuxuan and me build a Range Pyramid for COS. We choose two locations for the COS in London, Covent Garden and Canary Wharf. The characteristics of potential customers in these two locations are very special. First, Covent Garden, many tourists walk around that location and they may choose the style more casual and daily wearing or even the dress wearing at the party night. Second, Canary Wharf, it is a financial center, the customer there is financial ladies and males. When this kind of person purchases their clothing the styles they choose are tending to be more official and professional style or after work parties dresses. You know, London people love Parties all the time.

So we selected 10 items from COS and made a range pyramid as following image showing.


According to the different needs and tastes of different locations we identify three outfits from the pyramid suitable for each shop in  Canary Wharf and Covent Garden. They are been matched like the picture showing below.

3 Outfits for Cos in Canary Wharf:


3 Outfits for Cos in Covent Garden:


After this lesson, I understand that the location is quite important for a brand to select some specific styles for the people who in that area.


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