A Brief of LS:N Global — Luxury Futures Forum 2014

When your think about luxury, what comes to your brain? Everybody can not ignore the luxury brand power in the world. When I said ‘luxury’ to my friends, jewelries, cars, handbags, houses, and designer brand clothes should be included in my topic. However, I change my mind about ‘luxury’. I can be said that I am influenced by last week’s LS:N presentation. There are some new concepts be accepted in my world. First, Luxury, which is not only about how expensive the product are, but also about the experience, story, culture or even attitude it could offer to. Second, when a luxury brand segmentation, the generation of target audiences can not be neglected, because the year they born decided what they actually desire to purchase. For example, ‘the luxury Millennials’ thirst for adventure leads them to desire experiences over products. When they purchase products, the personality will be showed(Jeff Fromm, author, Marketing to Millennials). Third, when a luxury brand build their image, the most important is telling the story and culture about the brand itself. For example, Kenzo’s No Fish No Nothing campaign was the most impressive part for me within this presentation.

One point I have to mention, before I came to this presentation, I never realized that Chinese account for a such great part in luxury market. And Chinese consumers remain the world’s biggest-spending nationality.  Depend on this point, maybe, it is good for my future career after I graduate from international fashion management. I will consider later…


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