Research Project – Questionnaire and data collection

This week we go through the research methods. As a small group we have design our research instrument. Before we design our questionnaire, I have learned the research method in class. As mentioned as Ella’s power point, we know that questions divided into closed (pre-coded) questions and open-ended questions. There are many types of questions in a questionnaire. They are open, list, category, rating, quantity, matrix questions. Four level of variable measurement in a questionnaire which is nominal, ordinal, internal, and ratio. We have to organize the questionnaire to make it better to analyzing the data. It should order the questions and tell the people what this questionnaire using for achieve which specific goal. That will be persuade people who help finish this questionnaire know is important for us.

A simple questionnaire which we design to collect information and analysis the trend of androgyny. We set up 5 specific question to find out androgyny whether a trend in next season. And what extend people like this trend. It is to finally decide to whether to invest in the trend. First of all, we choose a brand, which called & Other Stories as the company we will analyse. This questionnaire is looking for the trend of androgyny whether value to invest for the future to this company. Second, I will search the information about androgyny trend and choose anther 3 brands to compare with & Other Stories.

An interesting coursework I do in this week is that the ‘look’ data collection grid. This data collection grid will help us choose a serious set of androgyny style clothes from & Other Stories and its competitors. Firstly, according to online research, three brands been selected as the competitors of & Other Stories. They are COS, ZARA, WHISTLES. In order to compare their similarities and differences, I was going to these stores and search their official website to find out the similar androgyny style items. After research, I realized all of these stores launched androgyny style in this season. So, I select 4 sets from & Other Stories, COS, ZARA, and Whistles (images showing below). It is obviously that androgyny style is a trend for women in this winter. Especially, the dark grey, grey and black is very popular colours in androgyny sets for women.  COS

& Other Stories                                                                           COS

Zara    whistles

ZARA                                                                                               Whistles

As a researcher, I will also collect the information from WGSN, Passport, books, literatures, as well as go into the store observation the real clothes. I believed that these data would help me better analyse the trend of androgyny.

In order to better understand the trend of androgyny, we arranged as a group to visit the Horst Photographer of Style exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum last week Wednesday. It is impressive for me to look the history of Horst photographs and even the history of Vogue. I saw some evidences of androgyny, here, I pick up three images from the exhibition. They are showing at the end of this learning Journal.



horst androgyny 2


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